Urban Wraps Cigarette Papers

Urban Wraps are rolling papers that are printed with a cigarette style pattern.  Rolling up with the Urban Wraps cigarette papers gives you the look of a real cigarette. When our vendor first showed us these we definitely had to try them out.



The fake cigarette Urban Wrap is a 100% hemp based paper. It utilizes a thin strip of natural arabic gum for sealing. When you pull the first paper out of the book you’ll notice that distinct cigarette print complete with the tanish/brown filter end. The paper itself is not thin like Elements’s rice based or even RAW’s hemp paper. Urban Wraps are just a tad thicker.


The idea of being able to smoke discreetly while in plain view had me excited and the fake cigarette printing looked legit. It was time to roll one up and see how the finished product looked. We decided for that authentic cancer-stick look it was best to use a rolling machine.  The thin strip of natural arabic gum stuck well and as you can tell from the picture below, the final product was nearly spot on. From a distance or up close, this thing would pass as a real cigarette.



Now it was time for the smoke test. For being a thick paper, I was surprised that the Urban Wraps cigarette papers did not produce any taste or harshness. Each pull was light and smooth. The pure hemp leaf did not hinder the overall smoking experience and the flavor of the smoke wass retained. In addition, the paper burned nice and even without any runs. Check out the picture below, it looks like a normal cig as it burns.


Overall, the Urban Wraps cigarette papers perform in all categories. It set out to do what it was intended to do…look like a real cigarette so you can smoke discreetly in plain sight. The pure hemp leaf burns smooth and even and does not detract from your smoking experience. We give this product an A+ rating! You can purchase your Urban Wrap Fake Cigarette Rolling Papers directly on the Funkypiece site.

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