Superfine Water Melon Juicy Jays Papers

Our latest addition to the Funkypiece online smoke shop is the Superfine Water Melon Juicy Jays Papers. For someone already familiar with Juicy Jays Papers, the “superfine” edition are translucent and thinner. The paper has a thickness very similar to a natural rice paper. A watermelon watermark not only looks cool but allows the paper to burn more evenly.


When rolling this leaf up you’ll notice the “superfine” designation holds true. The thin papers are lightweight and translucent. They rolled up nicely and the stick strip held the roll together very well. You get a subtle taste of candy watermelon on your palette but it is not overbearing and does not adulterate the flavor of your tobacco.



The¬†Superfine Watermelon Juicy Jays Papers turned out to be a quality paper. The thin leaf was lightweight, easy to roll and tasted great. It burned slow and even and allowed for the true taste of our tobacco. Overall another quality flavor in the Juicy Jays “superthin” line up available at Funkypiece.


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