SmokeBuddy Jr. Review

The SmokeBuddy is a personal air filter that helps conceal the smell of whatever it is your are smoking. The all plastic unit features a built in charcoal filter that traps smoke blown through it. We wanted to give this a product a shot to see how well it allowed us to smoke without being detected.


Using the SmokeBuddy is a very simple process. The unit features an inlet and outlet with two pull off caps covering each side. To use the filter simply inhale your smoke and then exhale through the smaller diameter side of the Smoke Buddy Jr. You’ll want to make sure you create a lip tight seal so all the smoke is forced through the filter and not outside of it. As you exhale through the SmokeBuddy Jr., the carbon filter traps all of your smoke for virtually smell free smoking.


The SmokeBuddy Jr tagged along with us for a few days for this review. Using it proved to be very simple. Just remove the cap and exhale through the inlet side. Just remember inlet side is the smaller opening. The caps are tethered together which makes it easier to to not lose. They pull off very easily and go back on just the same. On our first few attempts some of the smoke passed outside of the filter. We did a better job of sealing our lips around the inlet to fix this problem. When you use the SmokeBuddy Jr. don’t be worried if you don’t see any smoke pass through the outlet side. Basically you blow your smoke through the unit and the carbon filter traps all of it. When we got all of the smoke out of our mouth and into the SmokeBuddy, we experienced smell free toking! The Jr. edition SmokeBuddy measures 4″ tall by 3″ in diameter at it’s widest point. While it won’t fit in your pocket very easily, the SmokeBuddy Jr. is small enough to tote around without taking up too much space. We used our SmokeBuddy for about a week for this review and we continue to use it. In this time we did not notice any degradation of the filtering capabilities. Keep in mind the SmokeBuddy’s filtering capabilities will eventually wear out. At this point you would need to purchase a new one as the filter is not changeable. We offer all colors of the SmokeBuddy Jr on our website here.


In the end, the carbon filter does its job extremely well. When using a vaporizer and hand pipe, the smell in the enclosed room was pretty much nonexistent. The SmokeBuddy Jr. works great for dorms, bathrooms, small and large rooms. Please be aware if your smoking a cigarette or pre-roll the SmokeBuddy will not save you from detection :) You want all of the smoke or vapor being produced to pass through the SmokeBuddy and not wafting in the air. The SmokeBuddy is good but not good enough to conceal the smell of a burning J your passing around or chilling on. Overall we recommend the SmokeBuddy as a nice product that is easy to use, doesn’t take up much space helps you smoke discreetly.

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