Skunk Sack Product Review

The Skunk Sack is a puncture resistant bag with a triple pressed seal that is designed to be the ultimate in odor and water protection.  We were excited to test out the odor proof claim. Even carrying around a small jar is just too cumbersome and we all know a sandwich bag just doesn’t cut it.


The Skunk Sack is available in a variety of sizes ranging from small all the way up to extra large.  At first touch, the bags seem heavy and thick. Definitely no flimsy material here. The edges definitely are sealed very well and they run along the sides and bottom of the bag. The outer bag seal looks similar to a vacuum sealed bag. At the top, the bag comes together with a rather thick, triple pressed seal. It takes some effort to open the bag as the seals holds together firmly. Closing the bag is simple and you can feel the overall, solid seal of the Skunk Sack.

After loading the test bag up we were happy to announce the odor proof claim tested true! No unwanted smells seemed to follow us on our travels with the Skunk Sack. Overall, this is a great storage back to pick up. It’ll keep it’s contents relatively fresh and dry with no escaping smells all while fitting easily in your pocket, bag or purse.

The Skunk sack is available in our storage selection found here –

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