Randy’s Roots Wired Rolling Paper Review

Randy’s Roots Wired rolling papers are hemp based leaf that we got a chance to check out. First impressions of the paper’s thickness is this: the paper itself is not super thin like an Elements or RAW, but then again it’s not super thick like your rolling an EZ Wider. The hemp paper has a delicate balance between the two and it does not detract from the flavor or overall smoking experience.


What’s special about Randy’s Roots is the wire installed along the edge of the  paper. The wire acts as a holder as your roll your own burns. I initially did not like the idea of inhaling burning wire. Randy’s claims the wire used is all American Stainless steel that does not burn so there is no risk. After smoking my RYO the steel did not seem to burn or give off any harsh tastes or smells.


As your RYO burns you can bend back the wire for a convenient handle. Keep your fingertips clean and unburnt! And if you don’t use a filter tip, you can smoke your RYO all the way down to the end. Overall, Randy’s Roots Wired Hemp papers proved to be a rather enjoyable experience. Even though the paper is not super thin you still get the full flavor out of the hemp leaf. The wire turned out to be a little novel for me but still is a cool feature. My finger tips were definitely cleaner and did not smell as much. Randy’s Roots Wired Hemp papers are available on Funkypiece.com.

Burn test showing very little ash left over. All that’s left is the thin stainless steel wire that is not supposed to burn.

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