Puffco Vape Pen Review

The Puffco vape pen is one of the latest vaporizers to hit the Funkypiece online headshop. We got a chance to meet up with the Puffco crew at Champ’s Trade Show in Denver, CO. Their pen has been awarded a High Times Best Vaporizer for two years in a row and we had to check it out. We broke down this review by highlighting the most important design and aesthetic features of the Puffco. We hope you find this write up useful.

In the looks department, the Puffco vape pen is all business. It features a glossy, black-chrome finish that gives it a modern look. The pen feels heavy and solid in your hands. You can tell it’s a high quality unit unlike cheaply made, yet similar looking copy-cats. Puffco’s cloud logo serve’s as the pen’s power button. The 3d design protrudes slightly off the pen’s body which makes it easier to use. We are a big fan of the cloud logo. It’s simplicity, yet well thought out design sums up everything about this vape pen.


Length – 5″
Weight – 2 oz.
Diameter – .5″

Using the Puffco vape pen is very straight forward and easy. You’ll want to charge the unit right out of the box. The compact carrying case includes the pen and USB charger. Puffco utilizes three temperature settings to suit your vaping preference. Press the cloud logo power button (4) times to toggle between the different heat settings. The very intuitive design changes colors to indicate which temperature setting is currently active. The color coded settings are as follows:

Green – low
Blue – medium
Red – high

I prefer denser vapor so the red or highest heat setting worked best for me. We love how the pen gives you options and it’s super easy to change on the fly.


It is important to note that the Puffco vape pen is intended to be used with concentrates only. You cannot use it with dry material. A Puffco insider advised the pen could be used with flowers but only in dire straights. Meaning if you don’t have access to rolling papers, glass, or any of the other ingenious ways to smoke, then you can use the Puffco with dry material at your own risk.

One thing we noticed about the Puffco vape pen is it’s huge atomizing chamber. The all ceramic unit can hold a plethora of material so you don’t have to constantly refill. In addition, the chamber’s entire surface area heats up so every last drop can be turned into vapor with little to no waste. One chamber is included with the pen but you can purchase replacements off our online headshop.


Connected to the well proportioned atomizing chamber is the unit’s screw-on mouth piece. The large opening allows you to gulp in copious amounts of vapor . Seriously guys, this is the hardest hitting vaporizer pen we’ve ever tested at Funkypiece.

After a solid week with the Puffco vape pen we could easily see why it’s been rated #1 by High Times magazine. The overall performance is top notch. It seemed each and every hit was heavier than the last. The battery lasted a very long time and we only noticed a drop in performance as the batter was drained down to the very end. We love the color coded heat settings. Finally, a vaporizer pen that gives you different heating options that are intuitive and easy to set. Puffco brings it all together in a sleek and stylish package that feels solid and heavy to the touch. An overall great vaporizer that produces maximum delivery for under $80.





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