Magic Flight Finishing Grinder

If you’ve ever used a vaporizer you know the experience can be hit or miss. Some give you that thick, heavy hit while some vapes leave you searching for your bowl and lighter. When talking about vaping dry material, many things contribute to your overall experience. Temperature settings, battery levels and the atomization chamber all play into your vaporizer’s performance. Another key element in the vaporization of dry herbs is the consistency of said material.

Vaporization is the process by which just enough heat is introduced to your dry herbs so that the formation of vapors occurs. This process is more delicate than standard combustion. Because of this, vaporization works best when your dry material has a very fine, non-compacted finish. Finer material is heated more efficiently than clumpy, thicker pieces. For this reason, you don’t want to use your regular grinder for material you plan on vaping.

What is the answer you may be wondering? The Magic Flight Finishing Grinder. The wooden, hand made piece is the perfect grinder for creating the ideal consistency for vaporization. The sharp grader gently grinds your herbs into a super-fine consistency ready for vaping.

For demonstration purposes we show you the difference between tobacco prepared with a standard herb grinder (left) versus the Magic Flight Finishing Grinder (right).




As you can see, the material on the left has larger, chunkier pieces. While great for rolling your own, this consistency will not give you the ideal hit from a vaporizer. The image on the right shows the finished product after running the same tobacco through the finishing grinder. This material is smaller and finer, making it ideal for proper vaping conditions.

Using your Magic Flight Finishing Grinder is simple. Simply add your material into the bottom of the two piece unit, place the top on and then twist back and forth. We found the grinder works best when you start out with with smaller pieces of material. Be careful as no catcher is present. You’ll want to position the bottom of the finishing grinder over a bag or container to catch your super-fine material.
Overall, we are a believer in the Magic Flight Finishing Grinder. Regardless of what vape we used, we were pleasantly happy with the thick clouds of vapor and overall performance. Whether you own a MFLB, G-Pen, Volcano, Atmos or virtually any other dry herb vaporizer, the finishing grinder is the only grinder you’ll want to use to prepare your material. Available in cherry, original and maple.

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