Juicy Jays Superfine Papers Review – Blueberry Hill

I generally don’t smoke Juicy Jay’s papers but I found out about their “supefine” line up and decided to give them a try. The first thing I noticed is that each pack is individually wrapped. I haven’t seen many other companies do this with their papers. Once you get through the clear packaging, your hit with the strong aroma of blue flavored candy.



One of the main reasons for this review was to check out the paper’s thickness. Unlike popular Juicy Jay’s which are thicker, the Juicy Jays Superfine Papers edition are supposed to be super thin. I personally like thinner, translucent papers so I was eager to see how these fared.


As you can tell from the picture, these Juicy Jay’s super fine papers are super thin!  They are similar to Elements rice papers or OCB’s. The blueberry watermark is printed along the entire paper. It’s design is supposed to create a slower and even burning paper. After inspecting the paper and finishing my roll, I moistened the natural arabic gum seal and got the hint of blue Jolly Ranchers on my tongue. The taste was not overwhelming and did not present itself when the leaf was burning.

Overall, the Juicy Jay’s super thin rolling papers turned out to be everything they claimed. The super-thin, translucent leaf leaves you with a hint of blueberry while not being overbearing. The gumline sticks nicely and the leaf burns slow and even. Unlike the thicker Juicy Jay’s you usually see at convenience stores and gas stations, the superfine addition is super-thin and allows the true flavor of your smoke to come out.

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