Ihit 6.0 Phone Case Review

The iHit 6.0 is the latest smoke accessory to hit the Funkypiece online store. This ingenious product is a cellphone case for the Iphone 6. Whats special about this case is the removable backing which reveals a hidden compartment. You can store various items inside the compartment including up to 5 pre-rolled joints.


The Ihit packed with some pre-rolls.

The iHit does a great job of storing your smoke while being discreet about it. A two part case features a removable backing that slides up to reveal the secret compartment. The compartment measures 3.5″ long by 1.75″ wide. It’s the perfect size for 1-1/4″ size papers.


The backing slides up to reveal the secret compartment

Now for the review

We tried out the iHit 6.0 for about two weeks prior to this write up. As advertised, the case did a great job of concealing our smoke without drawing too much attention. The odor free testament is true as we noticed virtually no unwanted odors during our traverses with the iHit.

The thickness of the case was a non issue as well. At first glance, the backing may seem a little too thick for comfortable use. We found this not to be true as our iHit equipped phone easily slipped in and out of our pocket with ease.

While we didn’t drop our phone, the plastic case seems sturdy enough to do a good job of protecting it. The case does not interfere with any of the exterior buttons or camera.

The only one downside we experienced with the iHit was the white part of the case seemed to get dirty very quickly. Not sure if that is due to the soft plastic material but the bright white turned to a light brown within a matter of a week. Overall, the iHit 6.0 is a quality case that allows you to hide your smoke while on the go. It’s perfect for concerts, festivals, sporting events and any other adventure that may arise. Available in a variety of color combos at http://www.funkypiece.com/iphone-6-stash-phone-case-iHit-p/1267.htm



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