What is Fumed Glass

If you’ve been to any glass shop we’re sure you’ve seen a hand pipe or water pipe that gives off a wide array of colors. Chances are these pipes were made with what is known as a fuming process. Fumed glass is the process by which¬†silver or gold are heated to release fumes into clear glass. Once released, the silver or gold fumes give clear glass¬†a wide range of color hues that change depending on the light reflected upon it. Also known as color changing glass, fumed pipes and bongs produce a bouquet of beautiful colors.

When gold fuming is used, glass tends to have more pink, orange and green hues. Silver fuming produces more yellow, blue and purple hues. In terms of pricing, gold fumed pieces tend to cost more due to the cost of real gold. Overall, the cost of fumed glass should be inline with standard clear glass.

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