What is a steam roller pipe?

A steam roller pipe is a cylindrical shaped tube that has a simple, yet effective design. Unlike a traditional glass hand pipe, the steam roller piece is one  consistent shape and size. It still has a bowl but the entire piece has the same diameter. Both ends of the cylinder have openings. One end acts as a mouth piece while the other side is the carb. As you can see there is not much to the actual design of this type of glass piece.

blue-steam-roller black-steamroller-pipe

Don’t let a steam roller pipe’s simple design fool you; these glass pipes hit hard! As you light your material and inhale, the entire steam roller’s chamber fills up with dense, beautiful smoke. Because the cylinder is all one size, there are no bends or restrictions to hinder the build up or evacuation of smoke.

Using a steam roller pipe is actually a very simple process. Cover one end of the pipe with your finger while you inhale at the other. As the smoke builds up, remove your finger and inhale. You’ll be greeted with a thick burst of smoke not usually experienced with a standard hand pipe.

Another great feature of going with a steamroller is their relatively low price. Because these pieces utilize a straight forward design, they generally require less time and material versus a heady hand pipe.

Our best selling steam roller is the Grav Labs 7″ Pipe . These pipes mix form and function for one inexpensive piece you’ll thoroughly enjoy. Made from thick glass with a built in ash catcher, definitely one of the nicest examples available. FunkyPiece has them on sale for $24. Available in a variety of colors including black, color changing, green, white, black, pink and blue. Check out the video below to see these pieces in action.

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