What is a Dab?

A dab is the vaporization of essential oils or legal concentrates through the use of a concentrate pipe, better known as a dab or oil rig. All dab rigs are fitted with a nail usually made of titanium or quartz glass. The nail is heated up to extreme temperatures through the use of a hand held torch. Users then “dab” a small piece of concentrate material on the hot nail. The high temperatures cause the oils to vaporize which then can be inhaled. With dabbing, no combustion occurs. It is one of the most efficient methods of ingestion.

There are five basic utensils needed for a successful dab. First you’ll need essential oils or legal concentrates. Next you’ll obviously need a dab or oil rig. In addition to the main two, you’ll also need a nail, torch and dab tool. Check back soon as we give you the low down on each of these accessories.

Whether your on a budget for a cheap dab rig or you want to spend more on a heady piece, FunkyPiece’s online headshop has you covered. You’ll only find oil rigs and concentrate pipes made from American glass blowers and artists. We do not sell Chinese glass on our site.






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