Recycler Water Pipe Explained

Thanks for checking out our latest blog post where we explain what a recycler water pipe is. A recycler is a dual chambered pipe that utilizes a loop to pass smoke through both chambers. It gets it’s name because the smoke “recycles” from the bottom chamber up to the top and then over and over again until expelled through the mouthpiece. Not to be confused as a perc, a recycler pipe is the actual design of the piece. Glass blowers can outfit their recyclers with various percolators. Now that we got that out of the way check out the beautiful recycler rig from Crush Glass.

Crush Glass

The hallmark of a recycler pipe is it’s two chambers.


What’s actually going on when you use a recycler pipe?

As you draw into the pipe, negative pressure forces smoke down into the bottom chamber where cool water awaits. The percolator found in the bottom chamber then aerates the smoke and water mixture. The bubble/smoke/water mixture then passes through the loop and empties into the 2nd, upper chamber. The upper chamber is connected to the bottom chamber to complete the “recycle” action. Whats actually happening is smoke and water are passed from the first chamber up to the 2nd chamber and then back down into the first chamber. Essentially your smoke gets filtered twice. And we all know twice is just as nice!


Benefits of a Recycler Pipe versus other water pipe configurations.

Double filtration means your smoke is being passed over cold water and the percolator twice. This leads to cooler, denser hits that are more efficient. More filtration also means a smoother smoke. Smoke passed through one perc is great. With a recycler, it gets passed through a second time around. All of this mixing of water, smoke and air creates a trifecta for one truly awesome experience. Last but not least, the recycler water pipe tends to allow the true flavor of your smoke to tickle your palette.  The hectic nature of all the bubbles popping and mixing with the smoke is what allows you to taste the flavor of what your smoking.

To sum it up, recycler water pipes filter your smoke via two chambers for double the aeration capabilities. This highly functional design provides for a more flavorful, smoother hitting and more efficient rip. Check out the perc action on the Crush Glass recycler rig available at Funkypiece.

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