Honeycomb Perc Explained

Close up of the honeycomb perc found on a FunkyPiece rig.

A honeycomb percolator is a disc within a rig or water pipe’s chamber that functions to filter and diffuse smoke or vapor. Honeycomb percs utilize several tiny holes to create a very efficient exchange between air and water. As you draw into your rig, negative pressure forces smoke down the chamber while forcing water and air bubbles back up.  The tiny, numerous holes in the honeycomb perc create a tremendous amount of aeration and diffusion. In addition, the small holes reduce the size of these air bubbles passing through.

Without getting too scientific, smaller air bubbles allow for a greater exchange between smoke and water in the chamber. Think of it as this, less space being taken up by air bubbles means more space for smoke to “bump” into water. As with all water pipes, the smoke being forced down the chamber is always hotter than the water sitting at the bottom. The idea behind a functional glass piece is to get the hot smoke cooled down by passing it through water. Honeycomb percs do an excellent job at this and they make an excellent feature to consider when purchasing a new rig or water pipe.

Check out the video below of our Dr. Greenthumb Honeycomb rig in action.

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