The Glass Buddy Bong Cleaner

Introducing the Glass Buddy Bong Cleaner, a revolutionary new product that has hit the FunkyPiece shelves. The Glass Buddy utilize a strong magnetic scrubbing pad that gets inside your bong for deep cleaning. Anyone who has used a water pipe before knows first hand how quickly it can get dirty. There is just nothing like hitting a clean bong but who has the time to clean your glass after every sesh?  While the Glass Buddy does not magically grow hands and clean your stuff for you, it does make the job easier, quicker and produces a better result than conventional methods.

The Glass Buddy is a three part kit comprised of a magnet, scrubbing pad and handle. Using the product is super easy and requires no additional tools or products. Simply take one of the scrubbing pads (three are included) and stick it to the smaller magnet. Next drop the magnet/scrubbing pad combo into your bong. The last step is to grab the handle and go along the outside of your bong. The smaller magnet/scrubbing pad will attach itself while on the inside of your glass. Simply move the handle around and watch as the Glass Buddy goes to work. Caked up residue and stubborn stains don’t stand a chance. Check out the video below of the Glass Buddy Bong Cleaner in action.

 Purchase your Glass Buddy Bong Cleaner on – Available in a variety of colors – $10

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