Silicone Hand Pipe

Hands on with the PieceMaker Silicone Hand Pipe

I had the opportunity to get my hands on the PieceMaker Silicone Hand Pipe over the weekend and it certainly lived up to the hype. I ventured out to the pool, explored an outdoor festival and shared the goods with friends at a BBQ. The PieceMaker Silicone Hand Pipe was a fun, very convenient and easy to use.  It’s very apparent from first use that this hand pipe was designed with on the go consumption in mind.

Let’s start off with the key features: it’s silicone so it is practically indestructible and completely shatter proof.  Bend and twist it as much as you like and it will spring back into shape. This is especially useful when it’s shoved into the depths of your pocket and great for someone who likes to partake while doing outdoor activities.  The silicone PieceMaker uses to make these is food grade so it’s non-toxic and the bowl comes with a convenient cap to keep your material  safe and dry when you’re not using it.  While I didn’t try this feature, the manufacturer says that the bowl cap can also be used as a beer bottle cover, which is a kinda cool value add.

Another cool feature on this piece is the large removable bowl. Being able to take it out of the pipe makes cleaning this thing a breeze.  The manufacturer suggest using isopropyl alcohol and rock salt to clean the hand pipe, and given the malleable nature of the pipe itself, I imagine it will be very easy to clean every bit of it. I haven’t had to clean mine yet but I did remove the bowl to clean it.  The bowl was easy to take out, but did take a couple of tries to get back in place.

I did find one downside to having a completely silicone pipe… pet hair, lint, and dust from your pocket will stick to the surface of the pipe. Any dog owner will tell you that everything they own is likely covered in dog hair. This could be a minor annoyance but the piece can easily be brushed or rinsed off.

The shape of the pipe is a little reminiscent of a kazoo and the mouthpiece takes a little getting used to. The manufacturer recommends using a glass tip if you prefer. I tried it with my Phuncky Feel Tip and saw a marked improvement on how it hit.

One benefit of its odd shape and the material is that it doesn’t look like a traditional glass hand pipe so you can fly under the radar a little. Discretion is always helpful.

The large bowl makes this a great for a group sesh or a long day on the go.  I packed the bowl about a third of the way up and had enough for me and two others to enjoy 2 decent sized hits each. With a full bowl, I’m sure you could easily accommodate up to 5 people.

Over all, this is a great ‘on the go’ piece for any outdoor adventurer, whether you are hiking snowboarding in the mountains or exploring the city like me.


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