Silicone Bong Review

Silicone Bong From Funky Piece

Silicone Bong Review

I love being in the great outdoors and smoking in the great outdoors but communing with nature while doing bong rips can be a challenge.  Bringing glass on a camping trip, to the beach, or a music festival is not ideal. It can shatter in transit or in use and that’s a buzz kill.  There’s also the issue of space when packing.  Glass can take up a lot of space but luckily for us, Funky Piece has an alternative… the Silicone Bong.

This bong is nearly indestructible! The silicone bong is shatter proof and it can bend, twist, flex and stretch in any direction without breaking. This silicone bong was designed with travel in mind. You can roll it up and stick it in your bag and your ready to go. You can’t do that with a  glass bong! It takes up very little space and when its time to chill, it snaps back to shape it’s ready to use.  It’s made of non-toxic food grade silicone which is also heat resistant. 

A glass bowl and downstem are included with the silicone bong.  The downstem is diffused and provides a great level of filtration and the removable bowl and downstem are easy to clean. Also included with this silicone bong is a removable ice catch. You and your friends will be able to take icy cool hits wherever you take this bong. 

The Silicone Bong can do everything a glass bong can. Because of its price point, the Silicone Bong is a great add on to a collection but it also can be a decent starter piece. It’s also perfect for someone who may not have the best of luck with glass pieces. the silicone bong is available in a variety of different colors and a glow in the dark version. Check it out today!

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