Res Caps For Cleaning Your Piece

The Res Caps is one of the latest accessories to hit the FunkyPiece online headshop. This simple, yet ingenious product makes cleaning your bong a whole lot easier. The Res Caps are made from a stretchable plastic material. They have a universal fit and will cover most water pipe openings. For only $12, this is a must have product for any water pipe owner. Available in green, white and black. Make cleaning or traveling with your piece a lot easier with the Res Caps from FunkyPiece.


Using the Res Caps is a very simple process. First you’ll want to fill your water pipe with the cleaning solution of your choice. For most, Epsom salt and alcohol work best. Then fit your Res Caps over the openings of your pipe. Our 3 pack kit includes one large cover and two smaller caps. The large cap is intended to cover the mouthpiece while the small cap covers your glass pipe’s joint. Now all you have to do is shake your piece to a clean finish. The Res Caps provide a leak free seal so you can shake vigorously without dirty bong water sloshing all over the place. When your done, simply pull of the Res Caps and rinse under hot water. The caps are reusable and will last for many years.

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In addition to cleaning your piece, The Res Caps make traveling with your water pipe easier than ever. The complete liquid and air tight seal mean you can take your bong along for the ride without having any smells or spillage.


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