Monsoon Water Hand Pipe

Have you ever wished you could enjoy milky bong hits on the go? Well, the Monsoon Water Hand Pipe is not a bong but its the closest thing you’ll get in such a tiny package. The American made, Monsoon Classic Hand pipe allows you to take water filtration on the go. The glass pipe utilizes a specially designed chamber that holds water without spilling. A built in perc creates unbelievable aeration never seen before in a hand pipe. Measuring in at only 6″ long, you can take this piece on the go and enjoy milky rips without the fear of water getting everywhere.

Filling the Monsoon Pipe is easy and straightforward. Simply pour water through the bowl and watch as it fills up the chamber. The piece is built in such a unique way that it will begin releasing excess water through the mouthpiece. This feature enables you to fill the pipe with just enough water. Use the piece just like you would any other hand pipe. A right side carb makes it easy to manipulate as smoke bubbles up inside the chamber. When your done using the piece you can leave the water inside or you can dump it out. Since its virtually impossible for water to escape the chamber, clearing the piece is a little tricky. You’ll want to position the piece on it’s side so the carb hole is facing down. Then tilt the mouthpiece end of the pipe upwards and watch as water pours out of the carb.

Because of the inner workings of the pipe, cleaning it is a little bit more involved. We found the best way to clean the Monsoon Water Hand Pipe is by soaking it in a mild cleaning solution like Grunge Off or Isopropyl alcohol overnight. After letting it sit, use warm running water to fill up the chamber and then empty it. Repeat this step until your pipe is clean.

The Classic Monsoon Water Hand Pipe is made by Chameleon Glass. This American made glass company produces thousands of hand pipes a year and their dedication to quality can be seen in every piece. Be aware of cheap, Chinese knock offs that can be found on other online headshops. These less expensive knock offs will not function the same. We guarantee you’ll get water all over your lap in a matter of minutes. FunkyPiece only sells the real deal. The hand bubber is available in 5 different colors: clear, pink, blue, green and black. You can check them out on our site here –

We are going to end this post with a short clip of the Monsoon Water Hand Pipe in action. Enjoy!

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