LighterPick Dugout Hands On

LighterPick Plastic Dugout

LighterPick Dugout Hands On

Today, a hands on with the LighterPick dugout.  The dugout has been a staple for smokers on the go since its inception but it hasn’t really changed much over the years.  It’s a simple concept- just a compact “dug out” piece of wood designed to hold your material and a one hitter. Because of its simplicity, some might say “why mess with a good thing?”

Enter: The LighterPick dugout. A surprising improvement on an old faithful.

The LighterPick is the dugout for the 21st century. As the name suggests, it’s much more than your Dad’s old dugout. Lets dive into the features that set it apart.

To start, this modern take is made of plastic, not wood. I know some of you old school smokers may not like that but trust me- it’s an improvement.  Because the LighterPick is made from plastic and has a rubber gasket on top to protect your stash, it is both waterproof and smell proof. It can be completely submerged while keeping odors in and moisture out. The smell proof feature is a huge sell for when you’re out in the real world.  The stash compartment is really spacious too and can hold up to a quarter ounce.  You’ll always have plenty of material at the ready when you want it.

Since the LighterPick is a dugout it’s got a space for an included one hitter cig bat. What’s really cool is that the compartment is spring loaded so when you open it up your one hitter pops up slightly and is easy to grab.  With this piece, it’s the little details like this that really set this apart from traditional dugouts.

Now its called the LighterPick for a reason, and that’s because it also has a compartment for your lighter! If you’re anything like me, I have lighters in every pocket but never one available when I need it. You won’t have to worry about having your stash and being without a lighter with the LighterPick.  The compartment fits a Bic brand mini lighter (not included.)

The final feature, and in my opinion the handiest, is the retractable 2 inch pick.  It’s perfect for cleaning ash and resin out of  your one hitter and can also be used to stir a bowl or clean combusted material out of a vape.  And when you are done, it pops right back into the LighterPick and is completely hidden.

Overall, the LighterPick is a very well designed product. If you currently own a wooden dugout, it is time for an upgrade and if you’ve never thought about using a dugout, this is a great option.

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