iRollie iPhone Case Review

iRollie iPhone Case Review

As you know from other reviews I’ve written, I’m a big fan of products that make smoking on the go easier. (See peacemaker review and silicone bong review). Today we bring you the latest and greatest in cell phone accessories for the avid smoker. The iRollie is the worlds first rolling tray phone case. What a time to be alive! You’ll never have to worry about not having a surface to roll up on again.  We put this thing to the test on a hot day in our nation’s capital. Check out the write up and the video below.

The iRollie is made from plastic that is tough and durable. As a cell phone case for protection, it doesn’t get much better than this. The edges fully cover your phone’s rounded corners. We are pretty confident your phone would survive a fall with the iRollie. From a fitment stand point, the iRollie shines again. In fact we had to use some force and time to get our phone out of the case. Your phone isn’t going anywhere with the iRollie.

The iRollie is not your run of the mill cell phone case. It’s shining feature is it’s backside with raised walls and funnel feature making it the perfect spot to roll up on.  Rolling up in the convenience of your own home is ideal. You know your surroundings and have all your accessories and the necessary table space to perform. Take your smoke session on the go and that’s where the iRollie comes in handy. Instantly, the back of your cellphone becomes the perfect, flat space to assemble the perfect J.  The raised walls contain all of your material to minimize spillage. The funnel end allows you to dump every last remnant of material before stuffing and twisting.

Perfect for any adventure, the iRollie is strong, durable and really comes in clutch when your rolling up on the go. Available in a variety of colors from

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