Gravlabs Gravitron Review

We’ve all seen or used a homemade gravity bong… a work of art macgyvered together with some foil and a two liter bottle; usually in the kitchen of a house party.  Gravity bongs are by far the most effective way to generate and trap dense smoke and can be a blast to use every once in awhile but aren’t the most practical way to smoke day to day.  Grav Labs wants to change that.  

 Grav Labs has created the Gravitron.  The Gravitron is a gravity bong made completely of their signature high quality scientific glass. The glass has a real nice weight to it and feels really solid in your hands.  For the price point, this piece delivers. It’s a daily driver that will thoroughly impress your friends.

 I had a great time testing this piece but I did experience a slight learning curve with the Graviton. If you have never had the chance to use one before, you’ll have to do it a few times to get the hang of it. A good tip is to get your material fully lit before you start moving the chamber. When the bowl is lit properly, slowly move the bottle up to maximize the amount of smoke generated.  Once the Gravitron is full to your hearts content, you remove the bowl and push the middle chamber down- all that delicious smoke comes rushing out and you take your hit.

I have to say seeing the chamber fill up with milky white smoke was a trip.  The amount of smoke this piece puts out is outstanding and it hits like a dump truck. If you’re looking for a glass piece that is unique, affordable, and versatile, look no further than the Gravitron available at FunkyPiece for $50.

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