Grav Labs Taster Pipes

The Grav Labs Taster Pipes are here! These are the highest quality one-hitter pipes we’ve ever seen. Made from thick, 12MM borosilicate glass. You can drop this thing and it won’t break!

Grav Labs went above and beyond designing this piece. First, a built in roll stop allows the Taster pipe to lie on flat surface without rolling away. Secondly, a three pinch feature acts as a built in ash catcher. If you think all one-hitter pipes are made the same, think again.


The Grav Labs Taster pipe is intended for quick, one little hits of your favorite tobacco or legal herbs. Simply pack the three pinch end and light. The smooth borosilicate glass is available in a variety of colors and finished with a Grav Labs logo. For under $5, this piece is convenient and very high quality. Purchase your Taster pipe on our site here:

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