Grav Labs Hand Pipes are now available at FunkyPiece

Grav Labs makes some seriously cool smoking pieces. The latest product to hit the FunkyPiece store is the classic Grav Labs hand pipe, or spoon as industry heads like to call it. These beautiful glass pipes are made from borosilicate glass. They are simple in design, yet very effective in performance. Each piece is 4″ long and fits perfectly in your hand. A left side carb makes using this piece a dream to use. The classic Grav hand pipe features a built in ash catcher near the mouth piece. This unique design prevents ash from getting into your mouth as you smoke.

Another feature we like about the Grav Labs pipe is the deep designed bowl. The deep bowl allows you to pack more material for a longer and more enjoyable session. The pipes are available in a variety of colors including: blue, black, white, color changing, clear and green. Each Grav hand pipe features the iconic Grav Labs logo. FunkyPiece stocks all colors and offers them for only $20 with discreet, same day shipping.

Grav Labs is an Austin, TX based manufacturer of quality, yet affordable smoking products. Only high quality glass and state of the art glass blowing techniques are used to create these fine pieces of art. We love Grav Labs products because they combine functionality and aesthetics. The design of the hand pipes have been well thought out with the end user in mind. You won’t find a cheaper glass pipe that provides so much for so little. Whether you need a new piece or want to get a friend a gift, the Grav Labs hand pipe will provide smoking pleasure and enjoyment for years to come.

You can check out all of our Grav Labs glass smoke ware including these classic hand pipes here –

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