Elementium Lighter

1134-11T 1134-7T
The Elementium Lighter is technology’s answer to the conventional butane lighter. The Elemntium is a USB powered, eco-friendly lighter that does not require any fluids or flammable liquids. In addition, it does not produce a flame so it is completely wind resistant. It draws its power from a built in heat coil that will light your cigarette just like a normal lighter.
The Elementium Lighter is powered by a standard USB outlet so you will never have to buy anything to keep it working. Simply slide the switch down to reveal the USB connector. It can then be plugged into any computer or USB power source to get recharged.
1134-13T 1134-11T


  • (1) full charge allows you to use the lighter 100 times
  • The lighter has a life span of 500 charges
  • (1) Elementium is equivalent to buying 50 disposable lighters
The Elementium is available in a few plain colors and several unique designs. They are $10 with fast, same day shipping on our online store FunkyPiece.com.

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