Clipper Lighter

Unless your vaporize, flame is almost always required to consume your legal smoking herbs. Light up efficiently while being eco-friendly with a clipper lighter from FunkyPiece. Check out the top reasons you should ditch your Bic in favor of a Clipper Lighter.

Thats right, unlike your Bic, our Clipper Lighters are completely refillable and reusable. Never purchase another lighter again (that’s if your friends don’t steal it). The Clipper comes filled with butane and once it’s empty you can easily refill it with our Clipper Butane. Because you’ll never need to buy another lighter, you’ll save money and the environment from countless empties. In addition, the Clipper Lighter is made from recyclable materials that have a low environmental impact.

Removable Flint
One of our favorite features of the Clipper Lighter is the removable flint that makes the perfect packing tool. The flint separates from the lighter simply by pulling up on it. The opposite end of the flint allows you to perfectly pack your rolled up J. Packing your pre-roll ensures it burns nice and even. Check out the picture of the flint removed from our Cookies Clipper Lighter.

While all Clipper Lighters are built the same, their designs are unique and collectible. Unlike a plain Bic, a Clipper Lighter allows you to show your support and extend your style every time you light up. Choose from themed versions such as the RAW, Elements or Cookies edition from our current line up and check back often as we add one new collectible design per month.



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