Chameleon Glass – Quality Glass Pipes

Chameleon Glass is an Arizona based manufacturer of high quality glass hand pipes, water pipes and bubblers. The glass blowers at Chameleon have been pumping out heady pieces since the early 1990s. FunkyPiece’s first selection of pipes came from the skilled artisans that make up the Chameleon Glass crew. Since our first order, we’ve continued to expand our offering of Chameleon Glass hand pipes. Their unique designs combine form and function for truly amazing pieces. Unique designs combined with high quality glass keep our customers coming back for more.

Just like their name suggests, Chameleon Glass is known to produce pieces that utilize color changing glass. The artisans that pump out each unique pipe use state of the art tools and high quality glass. All of Chameleon Glass’ products conform to industry standards and specifications. In addition, quality control checks are performed on every piece that leaves their door and makes it onto our shelves. At FunkyPiece, we strive to sell only high quality glass made in the USA. Chameleon Glass definitely fits the bill.

FunkyPiece stocks a growing selection of Chameleon Glass pipes which can be found on our site here¬†–¬† Check out some of our favorite pieces in the gallery below:


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