How to Clean your Bong with Res Caps

There is nothing like hitting a clean, new piece for the very first time. FunkyPiece’s guide on how to clean your bong with the Res Caps will help restore that like new feeling for your dirty glass. Clean glass not only filters properly, but it also gives you the best flavor from your smoke. Even one session with your bong creates res build up. After one week your piece can get seriously caked up. The guide below will help you get your glass clean in four easy steps.

Before you get started you’ll want to get the following items:

1. Epsom salt (can be found at most drug stores)

2. Rubbing alcohol (pick it while your getting your epsom salt)

3. Res Caps from FunkyPiece

4. Dirty glass


Step 1: Empty your piece of any water. Pour in the rubbing alcohol. You don’t need to fill the entire piece with liquid. For most water pipes 1/4 cup should do.



Step 2: Next grab your Epsom salt and put that into your dirty bong. Again, you don’t need to over due it here. Use enough salt so that it mixes with the alcohol and makes contacting with the inner surfaces of your piece. The abrasive salt is what removes the res build up.



Step 3: Next grab the smaller two Res Caps and place them over your bong’s joint and mouthpiece openings.



Step 4: Once you’re Res Caps are on its time to shake baby! Here is where you’ll see the process of cleaning your bong is made easier with the Res Caps. Because they make a leak free seal you don’t have to worry about your alcohol solution ending up all over your or your floor. They also free up your hands so you can focus on shaking and not plugging holes. Shake your piece back and forth so the solution makes contact with the inner surfaces. Soon you’ll notice clearer glass and dirtier alcohol solution. This means your bong is getting cleaned!

Res Caps give you a leak free seal.

Res Caps give you a leak free seal.


Step 5: The final step is to dump out the alcohol/salt solution and rinse out your piece under warm running water. Your piece should be fresh and clean. For extremely dirty pieces you may need to repeat the process. You can now enjoy your clean fully functional water pipe.



After cleaning.

After cleaning.


Before cleaning



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