Grunge Off Glass Cleaner

Grunge Off is an oil based glass cleaning product that is safe and all natural. Derived from essential oils, the strong acting cleaning formula cuts through caked up bowls, bongs, rigs and virtually any other piece of glass. Unlike other cleaning solutions, Grunge Off requires no shaking, scrubbing or any other manual labor to work. Simply soak your dirty glass then rinse with warm water. Thats all there is to it! The dirtier your piece, the longer you’ll have to soak. We found extremely dirty glass will become clean as a whistle with a good overnight soaking. The new and improved formula leaves your glass smelling of fresh oranges. Skip the hassle of isopropyl alcohol and epsom salt and stick with an all natural, fast acting cleaner for your glass.

Check out the video below as we make quick work of cleaning our Monsoon Filtration hand pipe with Grunge Off!

Grunge Off is available on Funkypiece.comĀ 

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