Sheldon Black Available Now

Sheldon Black

Sheldon Black Available Now

As one of the major pioneers in not only American, but also the international glass manufacturing industry, we at FunkyPiece are overjoyed that we are officially able to offer select Sheldon Black pieces in our glass gallery and online shop. Offering quality glass at a reasonable price point is something we at FunkyPiece strive to do, and the addition of Sheldon Black’s products is a contribution we are excited to provide for our customers.

Sheldon Black is an American glass company that has been around for over a quarter of a century. They specialize in “technically based, premium, handblown smokeware.” Since beginning their journey in Los Angeles, California in 1988, Sheldon Black has changed the way people smoke, offering extremely high-end, gorgeous looking glass that is highly functional.

With mostly simple, practical pieces, Sheldon Black spices up their product line with innovative design and have perfected their pieces to provide the everyday smoker with the most effective glass that creates clean, beautiful smoke. With the iconic “Sheldon Black” signature on every single one of their pieces, that stamp of approval guarantees the customer an indulgent, yet enticingly uncomplicated smoking experience. Their innovative product line includes professional-grade straight tubes, beakers, and bubblers, as well as rigs, loose parts and other various accessories. ┬áIn addition to Sheldon Black’s simplistic functionality, their product line is as good-looking as it gets. An aspect that sets Sheldon Black apart from the rest is their efforts to collaborate with artists and create one of a kind, limited edition glass pieces that are highly impressive. Sheldon Black remembers where they came from and remains humble, referring to their glassblowers as family, which is another big thing that we at FunkyPiece have immense appreciation for.

Stop by our glass gallery or check out our online store to see the Sheldon Black pieces we proudly have on display and are ecstatic to offer our customers!


sheldon black smokeware

Sheldon Black Smokeware

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