RooR Glass Now Avaiable at FunkyPiece

Roor Glass

RooR Glass Now Available at FunkyPiece

FunkyPiece is excited to announce the arrival of RooR Glass to the shop. We always strive to carry the highest quality products and German company, RooR Glass is highly respected in the industry. FunkyPiece now offers select pieces from RooR Glass’ latest catalog both in store and, for DC residents, on our website.

RooR Glass’ creator, Martin Birzle began his journey in the mid 90’s, devoting himself to the creation of the best quality, laboratory glass pipes. RooR Glass has never been about mass manufacturing, instead focusing on creating functional art pieces for connoisseurs to enjoy. Because of this, RooR Glass has secured themselves as pioneers in the superior smoking glass industry. RooR’s workshops produce the highest level of workmanship and quality control, with skilled artisans using the highest quality materials and embedding sleek design elements into every piece.

Customers all over the world agree that RooR Glass produces some of the finest pieces on the market and at competitive pricing, this is a brand that is not to be overlooked. RooR Glass’ many innovations such as the anti-rolling system, ice notches, and diffusers, put them ahead of the game and make them a consistently sought after brand. RooR Glass is a four-time High Times Cup Winner, a fact that motivates them to stay true to their philosophy of making top-of-the-line glass pieces.

Come by FunkyPiece in the Adam’s Morgan neighborhood of Washington, DC and see for yourself what all the fuss is about! We are proud to be showcasing some amazing RooR pieces that we’re sure you will love!

“With a pipe created by RooR, you comprehend smoking as culture, not as a mere way of consumption. This is our responsibility, our motivation, and our task” – RooR Glass

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