Medtainer Hands On

The Medtainer

Medtainer Hands On

We’ve got another product for the “on the go” smoker, it’s call the Medtainer.  The Medtainer is actually two products in one. Its a smell and water proof container made of high quality durable medical grade plastic and it also features a built in grinder.  Since it does double duty by providing both storage and a grinder, it is perfect for the “on the go” smoker.

So let’s start with storage, the Medtainer is pretty spacious and can hold up to 5 grams of material.  That’s a pretty decent amount when you’re on the road.   Thanks to the tight screw top, once you close it you won’t be able to smell a thing and if it gets wet, everything inside will stay dry as a bone.  It is also crush resistant, so you can toss it in a backpack, your purse, or even your pocket and not worry about your material getting destroyed.

In addition to its storage capabilities, the Medtainer also features a built in grinder, which is such a handy feature.  This means that you will have one less thing to carry around with you when you’re out and about.  Check out the YouTube video below of the grinder in action.

In my tests, the grinder did pretty well.  It was the best you could hope for from a plastic grinder. Because it is plastic, it did not grind up the material to finely but it was more than adequate to roll up or pack a bowl. Another thing to consider is that it does not catch keef so you won’t have that option, if that is important to you. For the “on the go” user though, I can’t see that as a huge drawback.

Over all the Medtainer is a solid storage solution with a conveniently handy grinding feature.



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