Jacob Vincent Glass Water Pipes

The first in our heady collection, Jacob Vincent Glass Water Pipes are now available at Funkypiece.com. Jacob Vincent is an East Coast glass blower creating fine pieces of art. We are excited to bring his Rippletech collection to our online store. Aesthetics and functionality are combined to create one fine water pipe.

Each Jacob Vincent piece utilizes a two hole percolator that creates maximum aeration. Air bubbles produced by the perc effectively mix your smoke and water as any true percolator should. Functionality and filtration is taken a step further thanks to the Rippletech technology. The Rippletech gets its name from the unique ripples that are introduced in the inner portion of the chamber. The ripples create a ribbed internal surface that inhibit water splash while breaking up air bubbles. Combined with the two hole perc, you get one of the smoothest hits you’ll ever experience. Smoking from a Jacob Vincent piece is truly an experience.


Water Pipe or Dab Rig
Each of the Jacob Vincent Glass Water Pipes we offer come with a 14MM female joint. A color matched flower bowl is included with each piece. You can convert this water pipe to a vapor rig by adding a 14MM male Quartz Banger nail.

These hand made water pipes are available in five different glass colors. Each one takes on its own unique hue depending on lighting conditions. Check them out below along with the direct links to purchase yours on our site. Please keep in mind these are unique, hand made pipes and once they are sold we may never have the same exact piece available again.

 Blue Cheese 


Lemon Crush

Purple Over Blue Stardust

Seafoam Sparkle

The Jacob Vincent Water Pipes start at $470. They are a tremendous value for a hand crafted, highly functioning water pipe. Hitting a Jacob Vincent piece is truly an experience that you will cherish. All water pipes are double boxed and packaged extremely carefully. Full insurance along with signature confirmation is added to every package. We have these pipes in stock and ready to ship. They make an excellent addition to the glass connoisseur’s collection.

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