Incredibowl M420 – I420 Review

Incredibowl M420 Hand Pipe

I’m always on the lookout for products that improve my smoking experience. When the Incredibowl came across my desk at the Funky Piece offices I knew it was going to be one of those products. I got to take the Incredibowl M420 for a spin. Just looking at the Incredibowl you can tell that it’s been engineered from the ground up.

The best way to describe the Incredibowl M420 is it’s a steamroller updated for the 21st century. It comes in 2 sizes, small M420 which measures 5 inches in length and the Large I420 which measures 7.75 inches in length. The M420 is perfect for on-the-go use and the I420 is an excellent home use pipe because of its larger smoke chamber. Both sizes feature a generous half gram bowl which can hold a significant amount of material.

It uses a really cool vacuum effect to create a nice milky cloud in the Incredibowl M420’s chamber. You pull forward on the bowl to release the vacuum and that nice milky cloud rushes right at you. It can really pack a punch! But the nice thing about the Incredibowl is that the speed at which the smoke clears the chamber is determined by how far you pull out the bowl. If you don’t pull the bowl out too far you’ll always get a nice smooth hit every time. And if you are more experienced, you can really rip’em.

Another key feature of the incredibowl is that it filters the smoke so no ash will get pulled in your mouth if you take a big hit. Check out the video we shot of the incredibowl in action.

The incredibowl is also practically indestructible. The tube is made from an extremely durable polycarbonate that is heat and shatter resistant and the bowl is constructed from aircraft grade aluminum. The high quality materials make this piece extremely light and durable while also feeling really solid in your hand. This piece would be great for someone who tends to be accident prone. The Incredibowl can stand up to the bumps and drops that normal glass wouldn’t.

I really had a blast using the Incredibowl M420. This is a cool piece for anyone who’s looking to change up your smoke routine.


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