GreenLite Glass

The purchasing team at FunkyPiece is on a tear and one of the latest brands to hit our online headshop is GreenLite Glass. This Oregon based, glass blowing duo have been pumping out quality hand pipes, bubblers and water pipes for years. All American made glass with unique styles is what you can expect with GreenLite. Their hand pipes feature an array of designs and cover a variety of themes. The Superman Sherlock is a rather large pipe that we can’t keep from flying off the shelves. Other popular pieces include the Monkey’s Gone Bananas and their line up of Stand Up Diffused Bubblers.

Any glass enthusiast will appreciate the beauty in GreenLite’s Fumed Collection. Check out the pics and links below to some of the most beautiful fumed hand pipes we have on our online gallery.




Check out our full line up of GreenLite Glass on our website


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