Grav Labs Redesigned Bongs, Bubblers & More

Grav Labs has been a staple in our online headshop and we are super stoked to announce their newly redesigned bongs, bubblers and hand pipes are available for purchase. Grav Labs has been a top seller for us going way back to 2013 when we first opened our online store. Attention to detail, quality craftsmanship, functionality and value are just some of the reasons this brand does so well. Never to rest on their laurels, Grav Labs is constantly testing to bring smokers the best experience through innovative products. If you’ve browsed the new product section recently you’ve probably noticed quite a few new pieces from Grav Labs. This blog post is dedicated to talking about the latest and greatest from this Austin, TX based company.

Grav Labs remake on the iconic beaker base bong is nothing short of spectacular. First, the pipe features a sleek new beaker bottom base. The new look adds a modern touch to the old school look that glass aficionados have come to love. Second, Grav Labs incorporated a hexagon style ice pinch. This recessed area allows you to add ice cubes to further cool and diffuse your smoke. Another innovative feature is the fixed downstem. No longer mess with a removable down stem that can break or get all gunked up with resin. The fixed downstem is welded for extra structural rigidity. Not one to skimp on the details, Grav Labs also incorporated a polished joint so your bowl will slide in and out with ease. The new Grav beaker base bong is available in all clear glass or with black accents as shown.


Another addition to the Grav Labs water pipe line up is their flare base, 32MM bong. Similar to the beaker base piece, the flare base has been redesigned to incorporate some of the same great features. For those of you who are constantly breaking bongs, the flare base piece is a welcomed addition. The flared base gives the water pipe a more sure-footed feel. We’re not guaranteeing you won’t tip it over, but we are confident it’ll be harder to do when your having too much fun. The geometric ice pinch, polished joint and full welded, fixed downstem are all incorporated into the 32MM Flare Base Water Pipe.

Grav Labs’ water pipes were not the only items to get a make over. Their new, 32 and 50MM bubblers got a fresh new design and now they perform very close to their water pipe counterparts. Grav Labs’ 50MM bubbler is the big boy in the line up. It’s their largest bubbler available and it hits very similar to a water pipe. We love the 50MM because it’s shower head downstem provides superior filtration capabilities and a whole lot of smoke. Measuring in at 10″ tall, this is definitely one bubbler that can double as a water pipe. On the other end of the scale is the newly designed 32MM upright bubbler. Dubbed “mini-me” at the office, the 32MM is the perfect size for smoking at home or on the go. This bubbler measures 6″ in height and features a two hole perc downstem. At $49, you get an amazing little bubbler that packs a serious punch!


FunkyPiece is known for it’s hand pipes and what kind of company would we be if we didn’t add Grav Labs’ newly designed hand pieces to our online smoke shop? Hot off the torch is a piece unlike anything you’ve seen before. The Saxophone Sherlock Pipe mixes form and function for one of the coolest looking pieces known to man. First off, this piece fits so naturally in your hand that you’ll never want to put it down. Not being a company known to skimp on the details, Grav Labs utilized design cues that were functional as well. The bend in the Sherlock’s shape acts as a natural ash catcher. Ash stands no chance of getting around this bend and up through the mouthpiece. Secondly, the elongated stem gives the smoke more time to cool down before being inhaled through the saxophone style mouthpiece. Enjoy a great smoking experience with the Saxophone Sherlock. Available in a variety of colors.



The last but definitely not the least in Grav Labs’ newly designed hand pipes is the mini pendant pipe. A take on their classic style spoon, the mini spoon utilizes a donut shape near the mouthpiece. The design provides a longer cooling path for a better smoking experience. In addition, the hole allows you to wear this piece around your neck as a pendant. Measuring in at only 3.5″ in length, the Mini Pendant Pipe is the perfect piece to take to festivals, concerts and other outdoor events where you want to discreetly smoke. At only $15 this is a huge value. Available in variety of colors as well. Check out some of them below.





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