Envy Glass Designs Now Available at FunkyPiece!

Envy Glass Designs

 Envy Glass Designs Now Available at FunkyPiece!

Envy Glass Designs is a family owned fine glass company from California. Since they started out in 2005, Envy Glass Designs has been crafting high quality smokeable glass that is true art. Envy Glass Designs is a company that spends a great deal of time on the smaller details, which makes their glass truly exceptional.

Envy Glass Designs is neither a heady, nor a scientific glass company… they are both! Envy’s line of scientific glass ranges from simple beakers and straight tubes, all the way to stunning recyclers, and some of the wildest percs we’ve ever seen! Every piece is crafted for extreme functionality and still has that classic, artsy, Envy touch.

In addition to Envy Glass Designs’ scientific pieces, Envy also specializes in extremely heady, electroformed pieces that take elements of nature and mold them into gorgeous dab rigs. Envy Glass Designs uses naturally occurring Agate Crystal and Quartz in these pieces and electroforms them to the glass, creating seamless pieces that work beautifully and would look incredible in a museum. These are some of the most stunningly handcrafted pieces of glass we have ever seen!

One of Envy Glass Designs’ newest collections of bongs and rigs is their Pop Rock line. These pieces are clear glass with colored details, including their classic logo. The percolators have colored “Pop Rock” embellishments that make these glass bongs and rigs aesthetically unique, yet still superbly functional, giving big, clean hits every time.

FunkyPiece is overjoyed to be showcasing some of Envy Glass Designs’ pieces in our store for our customers to enjoy! Stop by our shop at 2116 18th St NW in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington, DC and take a look for yourself! We know you will love the pieces in stock by Envy Glass Designs just as much as we do!

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