Empire Glass Now Available

Empire Glass Owl Pipe

Empire Glass Now Available

Here at Funkypiece we are committed to finding the best products on the market and offering them to you, our customers, at reasonable prices. That is why we are excited to announce the addition of Empire Glass Works to our already extensive inventory of glass smoking pipes.  We are thrilled to carry even more of the quality brands our customers love.

Empire Glass was established in 2013 in California by experienced veterans of high end jewelry.  These artists brought their skills and expertise to the smoking accessories market. Their expert background in jewelry is evident in all the pieces they have created.  Each piece they produce truly is a one of a kind work of art. All of their products are designed and hand made in the United States.

Empire Glass sources only the highest quality glass from the United States and Europe. Many of their pieces feature dichroic glass which beautifully compliments their already elaborate designs. Dichroic glass is a high tech combination of metals and glass, originally crafted during the Roman Empire and developed by NASA in the 50s and 60s for it’s exceptional durability and dazzling reflective properties.  Depending on how the light is hitting, this space age glass reflects an array of gorgeous colors. Empire Glass fires their pieces at over 1000 degrees and the high temperature creates the smooth, rich, natural colors that enhance the look of all Empire Glass pipes.

In addition to being beautiful works of art, Empire Glass pieces are also extremely durable. Their superior quality glass crafted at high firing temperatures creates pieces that are extremely strong and will endure regular use for years to come.

FunkyPiece proudly carries 16 different pieces from this upscale line, all ready to ship to your door. Check them out and pick up your favorite today.

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