Cookies Smoke Accessories

Cookies is a San Francisco, CA based apparel and smoke accessories designer. Utilizing the West Coast influence as an inspiration for their products. Cookies smoke accessories are convenient and useful for all smokers alike. Spearheaded by the self made rapper Berner, Cookies has evolved into a full fledged apparel and accessories company with a worldwide following. FunkyPiece is proud to offer the full line up of their smoke products with same day shipping. Check out the various products offered below.

Cookies Jars
One of the very first products released by the Cookies crew was their GoodLife plastic jar. The highlight of this item is the dividable storage compartments. Three separate compartments utilize a divider in between giving you (6) individual storage spaces. Now you can carry multiple flavors without having to keep them in separate bags. Each dividable compartment holds about 3.5 grams of material. The original GoodLife Cookies Jar was made with clear plastic which was soon followed by a red version. stocks both products on their online headshop. Both jars feature the Cookies branded logo on the jar top. Over the years, Cookies has released a few other versions of their plastic jars. From the All in One jar to their Extendo, you can expect nothing but the best for your storage needs. Each jar will keep your stuff fresh and safe thanks to medical grade silicon seals and high quality construction.

Cookies Rolling Trays
Another gem in the Cookies Smoke Accessories line up is their rolling trays. First available in black, a red version has now graced the shelves of Many unique features about the Cookies Rolling Tray make it a cut above the rest. Our favorite feature is the built in ashtray that slides out when your ready to dump it. Cookies thought of everything when designing this accessory. Built in provisions can be found for your filter tips and dab tools. The sleek looking tray features the iconic Cookies logo and is available in black or red. Whichever color you go with, the Cookies Rolling Tray 2.0 is sure to be useful when it comes time to roll up.

 Cookies Smell Proof Bags
One of the latest additions to the Cookies Smoke Accessories line up is their smell proof bags. Not only do these bags look good, but they work too! We’ve personally tested these babies out and they definitely keep all of the smell inside the bag so no one knows what your holding. All of the magic happens thanks to a tough, double lock enclosure that traps all of the smell inside while keeping water and air outside. The bags are even UV resistant in case you like storing your stuff in direct sunlight. Available in four different sizes ranging from small to extra large. has you covered with all sizes in stock and ready to ship. So whether your holding a gram or two ounces, Cookies makes a storage bag for you. The gloss black bags feature the Cookies branded logo. Don’t smell like a skunk until you get home with the Cookies storage bags.

Cookies Clipper Lighters
The Cookies Clipper Lighter is one lighter you don’t want your friends walking off with. We love clipper lighters because of their removable flint that turns into the perfect packing tool. You’ll save money because each Cookies Clipper is refillable. This means you’ll never have to buy another lighter again, of course if your friends don’t walk off with it. The eco-friendly Cookies Clipper Lighter produces a lower environmental impact compared to a conventional lighter. Available in red, green, black or blue with the Cookies text logo.

Cookies Rolling Box
Fashioned like the old school cigarette rolling machines of yesteryear, the Cookies Rolling Box is the latest smoke accessory to be released by this iconic company. The 110MM length machine works with king size, 1-1/2 and 1-1/4 sized rolling papers. Unlike conventional rolling machines, the Cookies box requires little to no hand work to produce pearl after pearl. To use the machine, simply lat your paper and filter tip inside. Fill the box with your desired material and then close the top. That’s all there is to it. Out comes perfectly rolled Js within a matter of seconds. Look out as we do a video how-to on this unique smoke accessory. 

Cookies Cradle
The Cookies Cradle is a rather inexpensive product that works wonders for joint rollers. The cradle locks into place giving you the perfect table-top platform to roll pearl after pearl. When your done, unsnap the interlocking stands and the product flattens for easy storage or transportation. When a flat surface is hard to come by or a table top just won’t do, the Cookies Cradle comes in handy. Just another unique product in the Cookies Smoke Accessories line up available on

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