Brew Pipe Review

The Brew Pipe

Brew Pipe Review

Funky Piece has another exciting product to share with you and it’s called the Brew Pipe.  As the name would suggest, the Brew Pipe is a wonderful marriage of two products, a smoking pipe and a beer/cold beverage mug, into one.  The piece is the brain child of Eben Piazza.  On a hot summer night, while trying to enjoy a nice cold beer and a smoke, Eben kept misplacing either his beer or his pipe.  He knew there had to be a better way.  After some brain storming and a couple prototypes, the Brew Pipe was born.

The genius behind the Brew Pipe is the dual chamber design.  It is essentially a glass within a glass.  It uses the temperature of your cold beverage, whether it is a brew or something else, to cool the smoke you pull through it. The Brew Pipe is hand blown from strong, high quality borosilicate glass and it feels sturdy in your hand, like a good mug does.
A key feature of the Brew Pipe, setting it apart from others in this market, are the interchangeable attachments.  The attachments (which are included with each pipe) cover all preferred smoking styles and exceed the standard for smoking legal herbs or loose tobacco.  The bowl is pretty deep so you can pack in enough material to take a couple really nice smooth and cool hits. Each Brew Pipe also comes with a dome less stainless steel nail, prefect for enjoying all of your legal oils and wax.
This unique piece is very simple to clean.  All it takes is a simple rinse after each use and the Brew Pipe is ready to go for next time.
Whether you’re attending a party or sitting on your balcony after a long, hot day, the Brew Pipe is the perfect product to keep your cold beverage close while enjoying a smooth smoke.

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